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Completely effortless to use, it’s compatible with cots and mini cot beds that take a 120cm x 60cm mattress. The key thing when choosing which SnoozeShade will work best for you and your little one is not the type of pram or stroller - but the age and sitting position of your little one.

SnoozeShade Original is Australia’s favourite pram and stroller shade for babies from birth to six months. Your SnoozeShade will then sit lower at the front and will be easier to attach at the bottom.Compatible with most rectangular travel cots and all popular triangular travel cribs, SnoozeShade . It attaches using velcro straps and comes in black with a choice of three colour trims - safety green, silver grey and pale pink. SnoozeShade is made from an air permeable black or dark grey mesh and one of the questions we are often asked is: “don’t dark colours absorb more heat than light colours?

The Quest Leisure Universal Clamp on Sun Shade attaches quickly and easily to a chairs frame, giving you instant shade from the sun. It is recommended that babies under 6 months be kept out of direct sunlight completely – an easy task with the SnoozeShade to hand. The first product - SnoozeShade Original - was launched in March 2010 and since then our products have made life easier for hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide. BS EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014 Safety of Toys – Flammability (our fabric self extinguishes) BS EN 13758 – 1:2002+A12007: Textiles Solar UV Protective Properties with measurement made in the visible light .First, we have SnoozeShade for Travel Cots - it fits all standard rectangular travel cots that take a 95cm x 65cm mattress - and also fit the triangular style travel cribs that tend to be bigger at the base and narrower at the top. SnoozeShade is not just for summer but can be used at any time of the year to help your baby sleep more peacefully.

We have three versions of SnoozeShade designed to fit different styles of travel cot, cot and cot bed. It is made from a high-quality mesh fabric that allows for proper airflow while providing protection from 99% of UVA and UVB rays (UPF 50+). The warm cocoon of the shade blocks out visual stimuli, allowing baby to switch off completely and enjoy good quality sleep.SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is a sunshade for pushchairs and strollers recommended for use with babies and toddlers aged 6 months. A darker colour sunshade creates a shaded environment inside the pram and most sunshades are black or dark coloured for this reason. SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe (6m+) SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe [6m+) SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is a premium version of SnoozeShade Plus, created in silver-grey fabric with a black trim and the only certified baby-safe poppers in the world. Because then the Black Friday Snoozeshade promotions start, which overshadow all previous discounts in 2023. SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe (6m+) | Universal-fit stroller sun and blackout shade | Blocks up to 97.

When the top panel is closed and the window flaps are down SnoozeShade blocks out 94% of light and blurs distractions, helping your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. SnoozeShade, like any shade product, should always be used with other recommended forms of sun protection such as sun lotion, hats, sunglasses and protective clothing. SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe is a pushchair sun and sleep shade that fits ALL double-width buggies and pushchairs with either two separate hoods or one wide one. SnoozeShade Original is a fantastic pram sunshade and baby sleep aid that blocks up to 99% of UV (UPF50+) and protects little ones from wind, chill, cats, mosquitos and even light rain.

SnoozeShade Founder Breaks Down In Tears Defending - Netmums SnoozeShade Founder Breaks Down In Tears Defending - Netmums

Why SnoozeShades are safe to use: SnoozeShade was invented by Cara Sayer – a safety-obsessed mum who needed to help her daughter sleep soundly and stay protected from the sun while in her pushchair. SnoozeShade is made from air-permeable mesh with lots of small holes that allow fresh air to circulate easily • SnoozeShade’s fabric has been tested multiple times by well-respected, independent laboratories and scores highly for air permeability • Black is the best colour for UV protection, as it blocks the most UV rays. Suitable for use from birth, it safely blocks 94% of light and blurs distractions while allowing air .

The SnoozeShade Original is a popular pram and pushchair shade in the UK, designed for babies from birth to six months. With SnoozeShade, you have the power to create a sun-safe, sleep-friendly space wherever you go.For naps on the go and travelling I highly recommend Snoozeshade which is a breathable mesh device that can go over your pushchair, travel cot or car seat. On the other hand, the SnoozeShade promises to block up to 94% of light, which is really good for a darkening cover (most only offer 50% light blockage). This award-winning infant car seat canopy fits most popular Group 0 and 0+ infant carriers with a rigid carry handle. Suitable for use from birth, it safely blocks 94% of light and blurs distractions while allowing air to flow freely. We love working with other brands to spread the SnoozeShade word and introduce new brands to our customers and followers!


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